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An aerial perspective of Granite Dells in Prescott, Arizona, reveals a wonderland of rocks, an upthrust flowering of granite domes, ridges, and canyons, that amazes and inspires.  For years I have worked with others to help protect and educate about this special place–first through the Open Space Acquisition Committee for the city, then as one of the founders of the Granite Dells Preservation Foundation, and now as one of the principals representing members of the Granite Dells Partnership.

Granite Dells & Watson Lake

We care about this landscape, which includes not only the rocks, but also the lakes, Watson and Willow, that are recognized nationally as an Important Bird Area.  We support a well-planned trail system, including the Lake-to-Lake Trail and connections to the world-class Peavine Trail.  Currently (March 2013), we continue our efforts to have the City of Prescott acquire 80 acres of key Dells property along Granite Creek at Granite Dells Road.  this is a vital link in the system that the City already owns, the keystone.  If this open space is acquired, we in the Dells Partnership will receive through a donation from the owner the old historic Granite Dells Resort buildings, which we will convert to an interpretive center, along with a trailhead for the trails system.

The current city council has not demonstrated vision with respect to the future of this area, so we are doing our best to try to convince them that this is a legacy acquisition, an opportunity that will disappear if they do not act soon.  It is our best chance to have a coherent Yavapai County equivalent of NY’s Central Park.

The video here shows this landscape as part of our promotional efforts.  We are also offering to take the council members on a flying tour to see the scale of this landscape and the need for open space and trail connectivity.  Granite Dells Partnership

The citizenry has been hugely supportive of this acquisition and our vision for the future.  It’s up to the council to make this happen.  Stayed tuned, and get involved, if you can.  Contact me for further information:

2 thoughts on “Granite Dells Partnership

  1. The fact that subdivisions have popped up in this area is an abomination. It detracts from the natural beauty of the granite boulders. The entire Granite Dells area should have been protected as a National Monument or National Park years ago. We need to fight to save what is left.

    • Will, I agree with you. Ironically, when the area was settled, this was considered undesirable real estate because of the rocks, both because of building challenges but also because it would not support many cows! Now the developers can build just about anywhere, blasting as they wish, and the public now wants the rugged beauty in their back yard. We have tried so hard to save more, but the current city council is blatantly anti-open space, despite lip service that they “love the Dells.” Yes, we must do all we can.

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