Sutter Buttes

Rising like a flower of stone from the broad expanse of the Sacramento Valley, the Sutter Buttes are a biogeographic island of sacred importance to Native Americans and a beacon to modern humans in a highly altered California landscape.  This landscape, all privately owned when I first met it, has been opened for careful access through an interpretive program that I helped establish—first for the West Butte Sanctuary Company, then Sutter Buttes Naturalists, then Middle Mountain Foundation, now Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust.

I wrote my first book on this special range in 1983 and followed it with the most comprehensive treatment in 2004 with Inland Island: the Sutter Buttes.  In that book, I cover what was known up until then on the geology, the plants, the animals, and the human presence.  Richly illustrated with ink drawings and color photographs, this book also has checklists of organisms that could be encountered.  It has stimulated further research, and it is no exaggeration that today the Sutter Buttes is recognized as special and beloved by thousands of people who have had wonderful experiences in the lush valleys and on the rugged peaks of this unusual volcanic island.  This book is a celebration of this land, a compendium of useful information that extends well beyond this range, and a rich source of stories and humor.

I will be delighted to personally autograph a copy and ship it to you.  I would prefer a personal check made to “Walt Anderson.”  This 273-page large format paperback originally retailed at $30, upon which tax and shipping were attached.  I’ll price it at at $25 and will cover the shipping so that mailing a check will be very attractive; any little credit card rebate you might have gotten is more than made up for by the mark-down, and you’ll avoid California sales tax (though I know the state needs your money).  Thank you in advance.  If you order multiple copies, you can deduct another $2 per book as added incentive (that is, one book is at the discounted price of $25, two books would be $46, three for $69, etc.).  Add $3 if you want Priority Mail.  My autograph comes free.

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3 thoughts on “Sutter Buttes

  1. Dr Anderson,
    I live in Yuba City, CA. I went ASU and somehow landed here.. Your book sounds really interesting. I have always been into Native American rights. I worked for The Success For All Foundation. I spent years training teachers to teach the program. Much of that time I was in Northern AZ. I mainly was in the Navaho Nation. But I have been to most of the Nations in AZ, NM, UT,and NV. I saved a Dutch family from going to jail because they were having a beer outside on the reservation. We didn’t speak the same language but they got the point. My concern now is our Burying Owl. We have 40 pairs left. My husband does construction, he will stop a job if there are owls. I can’t wait to read your book.

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