Tanzania Safari 2018

Elephant in pond, Tarangire

Elephant in pond, Tarangire

Our January-February Tanzania safari was surely one of the best ever (and I have been going to East Africa since 1979).  One day in the Serengeti, we observed 31 lions, 10 cheetahs (including cubs), a serval, and thousands of migrating wildebeest and zebras.  On our hunt with the Hadza, one of the young men succeeded in getting a honey badger, truly a rare experience.  The early 2018 safari is again timed perfectly for the famous Serengeti at its very best.  Whether this is your once-in-a-lifetime adventure or a return to one of the world’s greatest wildlife areas, I encourage you to send in your deposit soon. Please pass the word too!  Thanks.

Herds & Birds: Nature & Culture. Tanzania 2018     (January 24-February 5, 2018).

Lioness in Ngorongoro

Lioness in Ngorongoro

4 thoughts on “Tanzania Safari 2018

  1. I just wanted to pay my compliments to Walt Anderson for posting his African Wildlife Safari presentation at Prescott College’s Natural History Institute online.

    As always Walt’s photography is as good as anything you could see in National Geographic or International Wildlife. The picture of the sunset over an Acacia tree is amazing!

    And as in any Walt Anderson presentation the puns and word play are amusing, which is good Gnus for pundits everywhere.

    Have a great safari this year Walt!

    All my best wishes, Kirk Thomas Olsen

  2. Hi Walt

    I’m seriously considering the Amazon trip. I would definitely want the single supplement. Are the chances reasonable for that. Trip sounds wonderful.


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